Friday, June 17, 2016


Don't get me wrong, the group we had at our 45-year reunion was fantastic. The most commonly mentioned thing that we can do to make our next reunion better, though, is to get more of our old classmates to show up. We've got some time, but it's a big effort to get a more comprehensive contact list!

What we're proposing to do is post lists of classmates for whom we have no contact information, starting with the one below.

As of now, we have at least some sort of contact capability with over half of our graduating class. I'll post ten lists of names of 71 Buffs that we have no way to contact. Here's the first, going in reverse alphabetical order by 1971 Surname:

Barbara Zindell
Penelope Wright
Barbara Work
Toni Williams
Steve Wilkins
Joyce Whittle
Dennis White
Linda West
Gary Wady
Mike Visnauskas
Caroline Vasquez
Kathleen Varin
Connie Unruh
Bill Uhrinyak
Susan Uhlig
Nancy Torgersen
Ronda Thomas
Russel Taylor
Kathy Swart
Patricia Sutton

If you can help us contact any of these folks, please let us know, here or by writing to Thanks!

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