Saturday, September 17, 2016


Okay all of you '71 Buff sleuths, it is time for the eighth piece of the list of classmates for whom the reunion committee has no contact information. Thanks again to everyone who has helped with this!

By way of reminder, this is only a piece of the master list, and we're working our way backwards through the alphabet, using 1971 surnames. (And we're getting very close to the beginning). Please post or e-mail any help you can give us!
Thanks again!
Stephani Coon
Chris Contreras
Donna Conaway
Don Cochrane
Iona Clark
Gary Clark
Jeannine Charles
Paula Castine
Diana Casey
Patti Carnal
Cathy Carnal
Robert Carillo
Marley Cambridge

Saturday, September 3, 2016


As some of you may have noticed, our reunion photos are no longer posted on Scott Farence's website.  It was very generous of him to keep them up there as long as he did. Thank you Scott!!!

But, my observation is that most people in attendance took photos! Some took lots more than others, but honestly, I haven't seen any unless they were posted on Facebook, and there were precious few of those.  So, what do you say? If you're on Facebook, please share them!  Otherwise, you can post them in a comment here (as if), or e-mail them to! We'll see to it that they are shared either or both ways.

And they don't have to be reunion shots! Anything that you want to share will be super!