Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Well folks, some of the primary goals of this blog, our FB presence and our group have been to reconnect our classmates and provide a means for interaction. We're currently making an effort to improve our contact information, and we just learned, joyfully and thankfully, that one of our classmates that we had listed as deceased is if fact alive, and well enough to contact us: STEVEN PHILLIPS! He sent in a note, reading:
The web site has me listed as deceased, sorry but I survived. I am pretty sure I was the only Steven Phillips(DOB 6 Feb 1953). I did encounter one other classmate in 1972 on the border between East and West Germany. It was the winter of and I was in a bunker observing the border when I noticed another soldier approaching along the wire, he announced himself and I had a sudden thought, nah, but when he took his helmet off sure enough Mike Pressler, we had a moment. I never saw him again I always wanted to thank him for sending me the Tempe dailey news. I hope he made it. I did post this in the commets on the web site as well.
Steven Phillips"

This is very embarrassing for those of us who have put together the list of classmates who've passed, and may have caused unnecessary shock and sorrow. Our most sincere apologies to everyone. No excuses.

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