Friday, March 27, 2015


I’m sure many of you are wondering “Why?” about many aspects of this blog and the Facebook presence of the Tempe High School Class of 1971. Let me try to address at least some of your wonderment.

It seems that every graduating class is different in regard to its propensity for getting back together after graduation.  Some really embrace it and find it fun and joyful, and others simply don’t.  Ours started out with a pretty strong intent for staying in touch and getting back together, and held events to celebrate the 10, 20 and 30-year anniversaries of our passage from THS into the world. It seems that the participation gradually dwindled at each of these, and nothing was even attempted for the 40-year reunion.  Some classmates have lamented, but nothing has been done to rally and recover our spirit of unity.  This is my basic intent.

So, why me?  Many of you don’t remember me at all, much less as a gregarious organizer of events for our class. Back in 1970, the world of politics was quite tumultuous, to say the least.  Most of us were only vaguely interested in student government at our high school, if at all. It seemed that no one was going to seek office as the senior class president. Phil Lundberg had decided to run for presidency of the student body, and he approached me one day to discuss a proposition that I might try for that office for our class.  After some consideration, I decided to do it.

The election was anti-climactic, with virtually all candidates, including me, running unopposed. Very quietly, I became your senior class president. Chances are that you didn’t hear my speech (I don’t remember it) or vote for me, but it didn’t affect the outcome.

A traditional duty of the senior class president is organizing reunions.  I had no idea that this was the case back then. I learned about this later, from Phil, but he suggested that Betty Bryant (now Betty Rohloff) might be interested in organizing our first (the 10-year) reunion.  She accepted the challenge of doing so, and with great results! I attended and had tremendous fun, there was a nice turnout, and I think almost everyone there enjoyed it immensely. So, what happened after that?

Here’s where I bear considerable guilt.  I know the 20-year event was again successful and fun, with several people contributing heavily to that outcome.  I was unable to attend.  I had shirked my traditional duties. Then at 30 years, Scott Clayton and Milissa Sayner headed up an effort to organize some reunion events, and they were well done, really fun, but only lightly attended (42 people at the main gathering at the Pointe at South Mountain).  When the celebration of the 100th anniversary of THS was announced, several classmates (most notably Scott and Pat Burdette, and Tom Pian) and I tried to get a good showing from 1971, but the number of participants from our class was pretty disappointing. Then it seemed that none of us could muster enough enthusiasm to try for a 40-year get together of any kind. Now we’re 44 years out.

As many of you have noted, our numbers have begun to dwindle owing to mortality. If we hope to see one another again, we have to make it happen. I hope to shed my personal guilt by at least providing some catalyst. That, with my desire to learn more about life and love, is why I’m doing this.  

A note from Scott Clayton:
 "When you mentioned the 30-year reunion and myself and Milissa as organizers, you must edit/add Tony Powers and Debbie Nelson as co-organizers....the four of us worked equally to make that happen.....don't want to leave anyone out. Also, in your history we did have a 15-year reunion at the Pointe at Squaw Peak.........for history's sake if you want to mention it (not really necessary but just in case)....10-year was at Fiesta Inn, 15-year at Pointe at Squaw Peak, 20-year at Pointe at South Mountain, 30-year at Pointe at South I recall there were 379 in our graduating class...........EXCELLENT JOB in putting this blogsite together....hopefully we'll get some participation."

Thank you, Scott!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Welcome Facebook THS Class of 1971 Members!

The announcement of the existence of this page to the group on Facebook is being posted today. Welcome, and please be encouraged to participate!

Facebook has served us well in providing a way to aggregate a good nucleus of interactive classmates, and has, frankly, been much more fun than I had anticipated when I started the THS 1971 page and group last month. Thanks for making that happen!

My hope is that we can have our own page on the internet with access, freedom and justice for all. This blog will fall short of that, but it will make a step in that direction from Facebook. What's more, it does so at no monetary expense (at least as near as I can tell) to anyone who wants to be involved. So, let's give it a shot.

This will be my first published blog, so any of you with experience in blogging should feel free to offer help without fear of insulting my sensibilities. In fact any of you should comment and post freely  about whatever you want! If anyone knows any utility or features of Blogger that I should be using to improve this for our class, please help me out.

Check out the other pages. We want to add more information, photos, comments and undoubtedly people to the "In Memoriam" page, so please help if you can.  The "Images" page is for photos, drawings, and so on, at your discretion.  I have put up the ones I have from 2007 that aren't already on Facebook, and I'm adding some profile photos of those who haven't objected. I'll scan some old prints when I find them and put them up there, provided other people will follow suit. I don't think you can attach photos to comments. How can we make this interactive?  If you know how it's done, please advise me! For now, we may need to use some cloud mechanism.

If you have photos on Facebook that you'd like to post here, just let me know and I'll get them.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

60 Months!

It is hard to believe, but we have about 60 months to plan and execute a reunion to observe the passing of 50 years since our graduation from Tempe High School!

We'll start by accumulating and discussing feedback from the April 45-year event. Post here or write to

Thank you!