Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bison and Buffaloes

Bison and Buffaloes

There have been a few posts on Facebook lately featuring depiction of bison and the confusion behind the name "buffalo."

Laurel shared an interesting article about the genetic purity of Utah bison:

Here's a little synopsis of some comments:
Jeff Cole Interesting article. I hope they don't DNA test Tempe Bison; they might discover my impurities.
Patrick Fleming Yes, I believe that we THS "buffs" are bison, based on all of the photos, logos and taxidermic evidence that I've come across. The "buffalo" name that we took on is simply less formal and more friendly, and probably not the result of genetic impurities from European or Asian species. I'm not so sure about brucellosis, however.
Jeff Cole Actually, we had bison heads in the gym, but a "buffalo" is an African critter. Just sayin'.
Patrick Fleming Aren't there some Asian buffalo species, aka water buffalo? I think they excel mostly in the diving events.
Jeff Cole That's the point. American Bison are not buffaloes. A misnomer that stuck!
Patrick Fleming

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Phil Lundberg Aren't we all Africans?
Patrick Fleming And all cousins, too.

Donald Hull Tell me Buffaloes. Aren't badass Pat!
Donna Wallace Thanks Pat. Looking forward to it. Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year to all!!!!
Judi Paris Cool picture - thanks for sharing all you have Pat & ditto on Donna's message smile emoticon