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48 Minutes of the Main Event... and More!

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A grand finale posted by Duane on April 29:


Thank you Trisha Hassler for the 20-year reunion souvenir booklet!

More from the October 2007 THS 100th birthday party (some submitted per our request):
 Van Adams, John Busch, Pat Fleming, Steve Arnow

 Jim Wehrman in Alaska

Pat Fleming and Patti Bender

 Scott and Pat (Davitt) Burdette

 Sue (Whalen) Irby

Cueing up for the Homecoming Parade

Terry Abbot taking aim

Robert and Vikki (Schrock) Larchick

View from a float in the homecoming parade

Tom Pian and Terry Abbott

Scott Burdette, Scott Clayton (in background) with Patti Bender and ??

Mrs. Davis with Vicky Shaw

Gary Burger and Pat Fleming

Mark Hannah

Tom Pian

Tom Pian and John Sinclair

Throwback Images:

Robert Larchick and Vikki Schrock Wedding Party, June 3, 1972

American Legion "B" Baseball Team, 1969

A sampling of Facebook profile photos:

Paul McNeil

Sal Cafiero


Denise (Larson) Kobel

Duane Ernst
Susan (Torgerson) Cappeloni

Elaine Burgoyne Levan 

Gary Welz

Pat Smith Ruiz

Donald Hull and Tom Pian
Bev Cannon Taggert

Deb Nelson

Don Hull

Deb (Schofer) Snyder

Betty Bryant-Rohloff

Debbie Jones Ramsey

Fred Jones

Jeff Cole

Judi Paris

Robert Woodward

Tom Ditsworth
Becky Spooner

Bruce McArthur

Cindy Ewing-Arbuckle

Donna (Hull) Wallace

Gary Burger

Jalonda (Rincon) Harvick

Jaque Cooper

Jill Gwilliam Davis

Kas (Safriet) Mangas

Ken Lassen

Kim Roberson

Laurel Ostler Jensen

Mary (Reeder) Kenyon

Mike Hudnall

Beth (Brannan) Stevenson

Milissa (Wiehrdt) Sayner 

Pam (Jones) Butler

Phil Lundberg

Susan Bradley Leitner

Suzie Wooten Rogers

Tim Bedient

Thomas R. Pian

Thomas Pinckert

Tony Powers

Tricia (Watson) Hassler

Warren Schmella

Carol Jean Bellows Poole

Daisy Basa Jones

Dorothy Rarick Jecmen

Lawrence Coss

Lou Leeburg

Mark Thomas

Michael Bogart

Michael Shapiro

Perry Holland

Richard Smith

Roma Isreal

Rusty Falk

Tom Hancock

Trine Backer

Marilyn Lambert

Vicky Bader Dempsey

Jone (Moss) English

Cliff Bennett

Scott Clayton

Steve Hegel

Jill (Troxel) Shuman

Chris Frey

Larry Gowey

Roger Mason

Steve Mitchell

Kathy (Craig) Deaton

Talitha Arnold

Vikki Schrock Larchick

Lee Ann (Wood) Moore

Martha (Hartman) DeMott

Judy (Coate) Williams

Gary Fields

Randy Horn

Sherry Crawford

Sherry (Goodin) Williams

Steven Crane

Tara (Fuchs) Roesler

Vita (Gill) Rinewalt

Photos from the HoF Induction, April 16, 2015:

A piece of the THS 1971 Varsity Baseball yearbook photo that I used for my plaque. Besides me, in the center, this group includes Steve Bengtson (another inductee), behind me and right, and previously-inducted members coach Bud Younger (upper left) and MVP Gary Burger (upper right); as well as Joe Selleh award winner Karl Szanto (right next to me), and under-recognized outstanding athletes Steve Arnow, Ricardo Martinez, and Rick Wilson. 

 Steve Bengtson, aka Thor

John Busch profiles his latest mini-beard.

(L to R) Me, Fred Mortensen and Brad Royse

 This still makes me nervous.

THS Principal Mark Islas

John Busch, Teddy Bengtson and Barbara Bengtson

Dwight Cahill, Tim McBurney

Nate Mortensen, Tim McBurney

My lovely wife Patti Bender and me.

My plaque

Tony Powers, aka Zeus

Brad Royse, aka Apollo

Dr. John Sinclair

Tom Nelson

Tony Powers, aka Zeus

Me, listening to Jim Wehrman, aka Ares

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