Sunday, July 2, 2017

It's Not Too Early to Think it Over!

We originally put a "placeholder"date of June 3, 2021 out there for the THS Class of 1971 50-year reunion. That would mark exactly 50 years since graduation. However, we don't think anyone really wants to hold it on that date. It will likely be a hot day. It will be a Thursday.

Okay, so we're talking about something that will happen about four years from now. That' s about the length of our high school careers! It's still way  out there on the planning horizon, but we shouldn't put off setting the actual date too much longer. Venues can get booked way in advance. Life intervenes as well. Weddings, other anniversaries, retirements, travel, and so on get planned. It seems like we should get this thing booked soon.

Please indicate your preference for the actual date(s) of our reunion. Use whatever means you want, but tell us what you'd like. Comment here if you want to.  E-mail us at Visit us on Facebook, or join our group! Don't be shy.

Early feedback has been to avoid the summer months, and that April or October seem like good months to avoid "high season" costs. One suggestion was to try to reserve a shelter at Tempe Beach for an event, which would have a considerable lead time if it is even possible. Any of you still in Tempe with a connection?

We have contact information for over half of our classmates, and we're looking for more. We'll soon begin republishing our "List of the Missing" to try to solve more mysteries.

Planning and setting up this supergig will take some effort, and help is always appreciated. Let us know how you'd like to be involved!

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