Sunday, August 28, 2016


Okay everyone, it is time for the sixth piece of the list of classmates for whom the reunion committee has no contact information. Thanks to those who have helped! We got information about more people from the last installment, and Sandra (Sandy) Huft (Cramer) just let us know that she's not missing! Yay!

Again, this is only a piece of the master list, and we're working our way backwards through the alphabet, using 1971 surnames. Please post or e-mail any help you can give us! Thanks!

Shirley Hensley
Lori Henshaw
Patti Heilman Fox
Kathy Harpchak
Dale Harner
Kris Hargrave
David Hanna
Linda Graeber
Kathy Gourley
Charlie Gould
Sherry Goodin
Bruce Gillen
Kathy Gifford
JoAnn Gibson
Susie Gebhard
Denise Gates
Danny Garvin
Steve Gallant
Margherita Galeotti
Gary Gala
Joe Gaglione

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