Saturday, July 16, 2016


Here we go with yet another piece of the list of classmates for whom the reunion committee has no contact information. Thanks to those who have given us clues and data. We got information about five people from the last installment! And Debbie McPherson found us before her name got out on this installment!

Again, this is only a piece of the master list, and we're working our way backwards through the alphabet, using 1971 surnames. Please post or e-mail any help you can give us! Thanks!

Renet Mills
Reginald Miller
Martha Miller
Margaret Miller
Debbie Miller
Gayle Meshew
Donnie McSpadden
Christine McPeters
Kathy McNaughton Foreman
David McKinney
Richard McCarrick
Ricardo Martinez
Ken Martin
Betty Martell
Debra Marquardt
Jon Manlove
Margie Maerling
Tom Link
Robert Link
Robert Lewis
Gary Lee
Linda Larsen
Bob Lara
Diana Lamb

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