Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Reunion Activity Schedule, April 15-16

Get out your day planners and other activity calendars, here are two fun-filled days to write in:

Friday, April 15, 3:30pm - Tempe High School Campus Tour

Dr. Stacia Wilson, current THS principal, has approved a campus tour to help us celebrate our 45-year reunion. We are to assemble in the main office and check in with Administrator, Rosie Guzman. The tour starts at 3:30 pm on Friday April 15, so folks should plan to arrive by 3:15. There is visitor parking in front of the admin office, which is still located next to the auditorium, right on the corner of Mill and Broadway. Lots of other things have changed as we will discover!!!

Friday, April 15, Following (or for some during?) the Campus Tour:  Happy Hour

Remember this place? Back in our day, it was called Varsity Inn, and before that Village Inn, and it may have had other names, too. But now it's called the Vine Tavern and Eatery, and it has a web site:

If you look at their information, you'll see that their happy hour runs from 3:00-7:00, so it overlaps the THS campus tour that will start at 3:30. Everyone is on their own to decide how to handle that, but it's a quick commute between the two.

Saturday, April 16, 7:00am - Reunion Hike from Pima Canyon Trailhead
(See the previous post about this)

Saturday, April 16, 5:00pm - 10:00(ish) - the Main Event at Rolling Hills Clubhouse
The evening will feature live music, a buffet dinner and lots of miscellaneous entertainment of all kinds. There is a $35 per person charge to participate, which covers dinner and soft drinks, but a cash bar will be serving those who desire other beverages. 
Try to arrive in a timely fashion, as the group photo will be taken at 5:45 while the light is still favorable. A full program for the evening will be published soon!
You won't want to miss this, as there will be over 60 of our classmates, several faculty, and a variety of guests totalling nearly 100 people in all!  Reserve your spot by e-mailing

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