Friday, October 23, 2015

Now Planning the 45-year Reunion!

Reunion Practice Feedback:
It was a good, valuable practice, clearing out a few cobwebs, getting a little loose and looking ahead to the season. We have a strong potential to gel into a fine team of classmates.
Without exception, every person from our graduating class that I encountered at the All-Buffalo Roundup last week was having a great time, and everyone I asked said that a 45-year reunion was a really good idea! So let the planning begin!!!

Our graduation date was June 3, but everyone with whom I’ve discussed potential reunions has said that it’s usually too hot then to draw out-of-towners, and even the locals wouldn’t enjoy, say, a picnic type of event. Spring and Fall tend to be preferred by most. So, I nominate Spring!
Spring Break, Easter, and Spring Training are common planning issues for the spring. Considering those, a proposal for scheduling our 45-year reunion in Tempe for the weekend of April 16, 2016 is hereby put forth. Further, let’s try for a catered, buffet-type meal for an evening at the Rolling Hills Golf Course Clubhouse for one event, and perhaps a picnic event with an invited food truck for another, say somewhere like Kiwanis Park.
This is a suggested framework only. There is a vast spectrum of other possibilities, but getting consensus seems challenging without someone making a clear proposal. And time waits for no one.
Now I am seeking feedback and planning committee volunteers!


We have no money, but we do have a treasurer!  Debbie (Logan) Willette has offered to serve in this capacity, and I have enthusiastically accepted!  Neither Debbie nor I live in the Tempe vicinity, so we'll be looking for other committee members to create a local presence.

The April 16, 2016 event at Rolling Hills is becoming more clearly defined, but additional details will only be available after further negotiation and agreement.  We're still seeking representatives to set up a second event, probably for Sunday April 17.

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