Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Buffalo Clippings (No, not Chips)

The Buffalo was published and distributed approximately bimonthly at THS the entire time we attended classes to graduate in 1971, and an unknown period before and after.  Personally, I no longer have a single issue saved anywhere. However, Dr. Patti Bender of the Class of 1972, saved quite a few, and graciously allowed me to leaf through some of them and scan some pages. They are intended to show a cross section of the stuff that was in there, which is really priceless at this point. I'll add more to this post as time goes on, but this is a good sampling for starters.

First, from May 28, 1971, believed to be the last issue before our graduation:

And from WAY back, October 5, 1968:

And here's some good stuff from the following spring semester, February 28, 1969 edition:

 (and a photo of the State Runner-up Basketball Team):

Did anyone spend the $4.50 to see Janis Joplin on October 3, 1969?

A photo of Gary Welz and Catherine Hayden from September 5, 1969:

And more interesting stuff, including a photo of Patti Watson (Trisha Hassler) in a phone booth with several older students:

A piece of the November 26, 1969 Issue:

Some poetry from the November 19, 1969 issue:

Here's one with lots of buried treasures! From February 20, 1970:

From football season (October 5), 1969:

No one, except maybe one of the coaches, would dare call Jim Wehrman "Jimmy."

A little more from the October 3, 1969 edition:

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