Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Passing of Much-Beloved Gus Knoche

  • Gus Knoche was someone who touched most of us in the THS Class of 1971 in some way. He taught algebra and geometry, and was a sports statistician, among many other things. He made things fun. We'll miss him.

  • His obituary can be found at:

His longstanding contributions in teaching, performing statistical data accumulation and analysis for sports, and playing tenor sax in the Mesa City Band were indicative of his dedication to things he loved, and exemplify the oft-noted intertwining of music and mathematics in people's souls. 

Our condolences to those who were close to him.

  • Gary Burger I will never forget that the signals in baseball games were given by Knoche - not Coach Younger. Back of his clipboard for bunt, the scorecard “sheet” for steal. I don’t think any opposing team ever picked up on it. We were not a bunch of super smart guys, so this simplicity was necessary. The number of hours Knoche put in at games to keep the stats have to number in the thousands. Thank you, Gus.

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  • Phil Lundberg Thanks, Pat
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  • Patrick Fleming Thanks for recalling that, Gary! And thanks, Gus.
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  • Elaine Burgoyne LeVan Thank you Pat for finding the obituary.
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  • Donald Hull Thanks for this Pat. I had gus for junior yr alg 3 and 4. if u struggled with it hed sure help ya thru it, great Man!

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