Monday, March 23, 2015

Welcome Facebook THS Class of 1971 Members!

The announcement of the existence of this page to the group on Facebook is being posted today. Welcome, and please be encouraged to participate!

Facebook has served us well in providing a way to aggregate a good nucleus of interactive classmates, and has, frankly, been much more fun than I had anticipated when I started the THS 1971 page and group last month. Thanks for making that happen!

My hope is that we can have our own page on the internet with access, freedom and justice for all. This blog will fall short of that, but it will make a step in that direction from Facebook. What's more, it does so at no monetary expense (at least as near as I can tell) to anyone who wants to be involved. So, let's give it a shot.

This will be my first published blog, so any of you with experience in blogging should feel free to offer help without fear of insulting my sensibilities. In fact any of you should comment and post freely  about whatever you want! If anyone knows any utility or features of Blogger that I should be using to improve this for our class, please help me out.

Check out the other pages. We want to add more information, photos, comments and undoubtedly people to the "In Memoriam" page, so please help if you can.  The "Images" page is for photos, drawings, and so on, at your discretion.  I have put up the ones I have from 2007 that aren't already on Facebook, and I'm adding some profile photos of those who haven't objected. I'll scan some old prints when I find them and put them up there, provided other people will follow suit. I don't think you can attach photos to comments. How can we make this interactive?  If you know how it's done, please advise me! For now, we may need to use some cloud mechanism.

If you have photos on Facebook that you'd like to post here, just let me know and I'll get them.

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